Friday, April 4, 2014

First shower with no hair

I want to share with all of you how weird it was this morning getting into the shower. Just like everyone I have a morning routine. That routine is very much based on having hair! Hmm...go figure! I'll walk you through and some of it might be TMI, but that's the point of a blog, so here goes! lol

When I first get up, of course I go to the bathroom, then I take the dog out to go potty. I only shower every other day and this morning was shower day so I put my contacts in, put my towels down on the toilet so I could reach them when I get out (when I say towels, I have a body towel and a hair towel) and started the water. I was looking forward to the heat because I had recently turned off the bedroom heat in our apartment so it was pretty chilly. I get into the hot shower and let the water run down my body. (Ahh, that felt good!) I put my head under the water and wow, was that interesting! I still have coarse little stubble so it wasn't directly on my bare scalp or it would have probably been too hot! Ouch!

Anyways, as I am standing there, I realize that my shower routine will change or be a little shorter at least. I always wet my hair and wash it first and then I wash my face and my body. So, as I reach for the shampoo I realized that I don't need very much, but not before I put a big old glob into my hands. Oh well, I guess it won't hurt anything! lol I wash my head and then start to wash my face. After that I put some conditioner on my head (doesn't hurt to want the stubble to be soft, lol) and get my loofa to wash my body. As I am washing my body, I look over to the shower wall and notice something is missing. Now for those of you with long hair or hair at all I guess lol, you tend to lose some of it when you shower. Me, when I lose hair in the shower, I catch as much as I can of it and put it up onto the wall to throw away after the shower (keeps the drain semi clear, although Chad will tell you it doesn't, lol). So when I look up on the shower wall and don't see any hair, I start to cry. As much of a pain in the ass the hair was at times, the realization hit that I won't have any to put on the wall for the next 6 months. I grieve for the loss of my hair and move on with my shower.

As I am washing my body (TMI coming up here, lol) I get down to the pubic region and realize that I won't have any more surprise hairs down there (long hairs from my head) and get really excited! I know, I'm weird! As I am rinsing my body off, I did end up pulling a long hair out from down there (from the loofa) and had quite the laugh at the lone hair! I was kind of confused at first and then realized that it must have been caught in the loofa during my last shower. It's all about the little things that I am realizing along my journey.

I turn off the shower and reach for my hair towel to wrap my hair in before drying my body off. It was then that I realized that I don't have any hair to wrap in the towel. lol I decide that I will just wrap my head up to dry the stubble. Unnecessary, but no big deal. Then I start to think about all the things that will be different since I don't have any hair. I will no longer have random hairs on my body and I won't have to ask my husband to get them off of my back. I won't have to put styling product in or have to style it. I'll just have to think about what kind of scarf or hat to wear or if I want to wear a wig or not.

I haven't lost my eyebrows or lashes yet, but those are supposed to go too. I've got eyebrow powder and wax for when that happens. Fun times!

I am just so grateful that I don't have a funky shaped head! I actually feel beautiful bald and that is all that matters!


  1. You're one of the only people I know that rock a bald head! Love you! Keep blogging :)

  2. I can't imagine how it would feel to shower with no hair, but you've helped me understand what it might feel like! (our showers *with long hair* sound VERY similar) :)
    Bald is beautiful! YOU are beautiful!
    P.S. What's your favorite color?

  3. Thanks Shannon! Hi Brittny! lol Favorite color is probably pink.