Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hair be gone!

So, last night I decided that I wanted all of my hair to be gone, so I put Nair on my head and got rid of most all of the stubble. It's been coming out very easily, so I had bald patches and kept pulling it out and creating more bald patches. It became somewhat of a nervous habit. Now, my head is almost hair free (some of it is still hanging in there) and smooth like a baby's butt. I tried to shave the stubborn stuff, but it started to hurt so I had to stop. I didn't realize how coarse my hair was until going through this. And I didn't realize how much my hair kept my ears warm until I got rid of it all! lol My friend Sharyn got me a couple of caps, one is very soft and the other is to go under scarves and I love wearing the soft one. It keeps my head and ears warm. I recently got a blonde wig (if you are my friend on Facebook, you've seen my recent picture with it on) and it is amazing! The color is perfect and it hides my bald patches when I go out or go to work. I got it from the cancer center during my Look Good Feel Good class. They also gave me a ton of free make-up which is really cool cause I needed some. Chad wants me to play magic with him, so that's all for now. I have another round of chemo next Wednesday, so I'll be updating how I feel after that.

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