Thursday, April 24, 2014

#2 Chemo down, 4 more to go

Too tired to update yesterday, but my second round of chemo is done, thank goodness! I have 4 more left to go. No nausea yesterday, just tired after all Benadryl they loaded me up with. The steroids have kicked in today, so I've been cleaning up a storm. Taking a little break right now, to have a smoothie (orange juice, frozen fruit and greek yogurt; it's delicious!) and some chips. Then its back to cleaning. The kitchen is done, so next comes the bathroom, the living room and then some laundry. My Aunt Theresa is coming to stay with me over the weekend, so I'm really, really looking forward to that!

What little hair I have left has actually started falling out and my eyebrows and lashes are going as well. Fun times! I only have stubble left on my head, so when I rub it I get all these little tiny hairs on my hands. It's kind of odd. lol Oh well, better than long chunks of it falling everywhere. That would have been too traumatic!
This second round of chemo was interesting, I wasn't as nervous, but I also wasn't looking forward to it at all. I think the bone and joint pain is what really sucks. The diarrhea isn't pleasant, but manageable and I'm already used to it since I have IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). I just hate being so tired after not doing much. Since losing a lot of weight, I've had lots of energy and working without as much pain has been a huge plus! Now, when I go back to work after taking time off, I'm exhausted and my bones and joints and muscles hurt. That's the suckiest part. I just wish that this didn't have to interrupt my life so much.

Since my cancer doesn't have a tumor marker (which means that my blood work won't tell them if my cancer is decreasing or increasing) I have to wait for a CT scan to show if the tumors are smaller or larger. They won't have me do the scan until a week before my 4th chemo treatment. The waiting isn't as hard this time since I feel like I'm actually doing something to destroy the cancer and not just stop it's progression. I'm just nervous that we'll find the chemo isn't working. I do have other options of course, but radiation to the chest is so much more different than radiation to the pelvis. And of course I can always do more chemo, but it will be different meds and they will be much more toxic than this cycle. Boy how the mind loves to wonder and wander and think, think, think. Blogging about it has helped so much more than I thought. I don't have to freak Chad out with all the wondering and it leaves us time to talk about other important things. He doesn't like to talk much about my thoughts on dying. It's always in my thoughts though.

Thanks for all of your support! Love you all!

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